My Trip to Narbonne

Narbonne ( Narbo in Latin) is a town 5 miles from the sea in the south of France originally it was a port but over the years silt gathered and the town slowly moved away from the sea. The Romans sailed into the Port of Narbonne in 118 B.C and set up a military base from which to conquer Gaul, when they conquered Gaul it became the capital city of the Roman Province of Gaul. The road in the pictures was part of the Via Domitia the first Roman road in Gaul, called after Emperor Domitius Ahenobarbus.

The first picture is the remains of the "via domitia."

The second picture is of my grandson Evan and myself at the remains.

The third photo is a map of the area during the Roman occupation showing the via Dominita.

And the fourth is a close up of the road which is in amazing condition.

If any of my fellow students are in the South of France, visit Narbonne. It is a lovely place even apart from the Roman interest.

Nancy McKeever

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