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Masterpiece Mystery 2011 presents the best British mysteries. See the complete 2011 MASTERPIECE MYSTERY schedule


Case Histories
Three 120-minute mysteries — Sundays, October 16-30, 2011
Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, The Patriot) stars as private investigator Jackson Brodie in a series of interlocked mysteries based on the gripping bestsellers by Kate Atkinson. Set in brooding, beautiful Edinburgh, the crimes are a mix of cold cases and fresh bloodshed that only a maverick ex-cop like Brodie can solve. October 16: Episode One (based on the novel Case Histories); October 23: Episode Two (based on the novel One Good Turn); October 30: Episode Three (based on the novel When Will There Be Good News?)


Don't miss the following encore presentations of Inspector Lewis: The Point of Vanishing (Aug 7), Counter Culture Blues (Aug. 14), The Dead of Winter (Aug. 21), Dark Matter (Aug. 28), Your Sudden Death Question (Sept. 11) and Falling Darkness (Oct. 2). [Note: These episodes will have limited TV airings, so check local listings. These episodes are available to view online for a limited time at after they air.] Past SeniorLearn discussion of Inspector Lewis.

Inspector Lewis
Four 90-minute mysteries — Sundays, September 4 - October 9, 2011
In the all-new 2011 season, Lewis and Hathaway tackle four cases in the seemingly perfect academic haven of Oxford: Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things (Sept. 4), Wild Justice (Sept. 18), The Mind Has Mountains (Sept. 25) and The Gift of Promise (Oct. 9).

Three 90-minute mysteries — Sundays, July 17 - 31, 2011
What does an honest cop do when corruption rules on both sides of the law? Detective Aurelio Zen (Rufus Sewell, Middlemarch), based on the novels by British crime writer Michael Dibdin, brings justice to modern-day Italy, whether the authorities want it or not.

July 17, 2011 at 9pm
One 90-minute episode
Solving a politically-charged murder and winning a beautiful woman's heart nearly prevents Zen from learning that he is the object of a psychopath's murderous vendetta. With Stanley Townsend (Sherlock). Watch online 7/18 - 8/30 at

July 24, 2011 at 9pm
One 90-minute episode
When a playboy plummets from a bridge, Zen must determine suicide or murder, all the while navigating the possible existence of a powerful shadowy conspiracy group. Ed Stoppard (Upstairs Downstairs) co-stars. Watch online 7/25 - 8/30 at

July 31, 2011 at 9pm
One 90-minute episode
When a set of kidnappers won't play by the rules, Zen must work against the clock — and his tyrannical new boss — to save the life of a politically powerful industrialist. Ben Miles (The Forsyte Saga) co-stars. Watch online 8/1 - 8/30 at

The Pale Horse
July 10 at 9pm

One 90-minute episode
Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie - Cranford) seeks justice, armed with little more than a mysterious list of names sent by an old friend only moments before he was murdered. JJ Feild (Northanger Abbey) guest stars. Watch online through 8/10/11 at

Hercule Poirot: Season XI

Three Act Tragedy
June 19 at 9pm

One 90-minute episode
Watch online through 7/19 at

The Clocks
June 26 at 9pm

One 90-minute episode
Watch online through 7/26 at

Hallowe'en Party
July 3 at 9pm

One 90-minute episode
Watch online through 8/2 at

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I don't know that this is the right place to post this, but just to say, if you like Downton Abbey you must have a look at the Comic Relief spoof of it on YouTube it's called 'Upstairs Downton Abbey'

  My daughter found it last night, there are 2 parts to it and they are both hilarious.  Jennifer Saunders, Kim Cattrall, Joannan Lumley and co at their best.

Last episode tonight!  We are all agog in this house (except husband of course) to see who will succumb to the Spanish Flu.  Of course we've got a pretty good idea, but no matter - can't wait!



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Re: PBS Masterpiece Mystery 2011
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 Is YouTube only seen on-line?  The spoof looks like great fun and I'll tell my daughter about it,
but I'd need it on-screen and cc'ed.
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