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Re: The Library
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What a great gauge, Pat. It really gives me a super perspective because I am 5" 1.5".


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Re: The Library
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:) It's hard to go almost anywhere without something Roman to investigate. Even in the US where the Romans never trod, the museums will still trying to get over that vase in the entrance to the Chicago Museum when we went there for a Bookfest eons ago. You were not allowed to take photos!!  I'm going to have to go back and see it (and innocently be talking on the  iphone at the same time)...they probably will run me out of the thing now. And the Metropolitan Museum of Art has a huge anniversary thing about the Temple of Dendur (remember our old friend Thomas Hoving who brought that to NYC?) and the inscriptions about the pharaohs on it (who were all Augustus)...finally revealed. Very exciting.

What interesting conversations here! I'm about caught up on the discussions here in our various Book discussions,  which I always enjoy for the sheer diversity of thought and taste, and new ideas, and am doggedly trying to read all the magazines which came while I was gone.

Nice quote in one of them today: "You don't get old until you stop learning." I like that one and put it on a clipboard to quote later.

One of the magazines I just finished  was Time and an article I just read this morning on Bill Gates and his reading habits. I did not know he is a voluminous reader, he reads every day of his life. And his wife is, too, and they discuss books  over dinner. What an enlightened pair they are, I should have known but didn't. Apparently he has a blog of the books he recommends, too. He's a real READER.

I find that extremely exciting for some reason. I'm going to find and follow his reading blog. For starters, tho,  I just finished this short list in Time (and a lot of other places) and see him thoroughly recommending Jimmy Carter's short 250 page book  "A Full Life." 

Have any of you read it? I am impressed by Gates's reading lists and thoughts and thought I might try one,  and here's another one he recommends:

 "Hillbilly Elegy," by J.D. Vance.   I've heard a lot about that one, and I think some of you here have mentioned it, but am not sure, are any of you or have any of you read IT?  I did not think the subject matter would appeal to me, but he makes it very compelling.

Here's the same list on a different site:

So what are you reading and why?


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Re: The Library
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the other day read a great quite from the ancients - Cicero said, "If you have a Garden and a Library then you have everything you need."